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We are enabling our clients to have a high-quality and carefree living in their housing companies.

As an ISA-authorized real estate management enterprise, we are committed to the ethical guidelines for real estate management. As indication of this, we carry the ISA sign and the sign “Isännöintiliiton jäsenyritys”.

The ethical guidelines for real estate management have been drawn up to serve as a basis for well functioning co-operation in real estate management.

Karakallion Huolto Oy

  • works carefully and in accordance with the client’s interests
  • tells about its services and pricing unambiguously
  • works transparently in the client’s acquisitions and use a network of partners to the client’s benefit
  • works impartially
  • promotes transparency and have a positive attitude towards communications
  • follows secrecy in terms of confidential information and must not misuse information received
  • to the best of its ability, makes sure that the client knows the ethical guidelines for real estate management
  • only accepts assignments which conform to its own abilities and resources
  • acknowledges its responsibilities, obligations and influence
  • knows the legislation and standards governing its business
  • takes care of the maintenance and improvement of its professional competence
  • maintains and improves the appreciation of real estate management
  • respects other players engaged in real estate management, and competes fairly
  • is committed to fighting grey economy
  • promotes efficient use of energy and materials.